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Vendor Checklist. What to Bring When Selling at a Pop-up Market, or Swap Meet.

Whether you’re a seasoned vendor or just beginning, chances are you’ve left something behind. That’s why you should always have a checklist to go over before heading off to set up your spot. Here are some suggestions and why you need them.

Organization is key!

If there is one thing you will learn from being a vendor is you have to be organized. This means tote’s are your best friend, they're a cheap investment and key to your survival (don't forget the lid).

Tote 1

This will have all of your accessories like jewelry and sunglasses, mainly your small items that can get misplaced easily. Next label this tote so you know it has precious merchandise, but don't write “jewelry” or “high dollar” on it. Just make some sort of indicator that you can keep an eye on it. When traveling to the event, always travel with this tote inside the cab of the vehicle, never in the bed of a truck or trailer. This avoids any theft or the tote tumbling out of the back of your vehicle.

Tote 2

Will consist of your supplies for signage and display throughout the day. This will include your brand sign, paper, sharpie, etc. These come in handy when you have accessories on display or you may have to include sales or price points for your merchandise. If you have invested in signage for merchandise already, that's a plus and use it to your advantage. Remember, not all consumers are the same and what you may think is a clear message can be confusing or unclear to others.

Tote 3

Should have all of your technical supplies, power, and any tools needed to make transactions throughout the day (don't forget your charger). This would be your square/card reader, ipad/notepad, extra power supply, etc. It's also good to bring a bluetooth speaker for your area, statistically customers spend 34% more time shopping when music is playing in the background (if it's good music). Again, remember your charger! You can't afford for your phone to die during the event because 85% of your sales will be done through some sort of payment app.

Don't forget!

When attending a vintage swap meet or market, the event creator and venue owner are not always responsible for supplying tables, chairs, etc. This means you cannot forget your folding table, it's crucial for you to display your accessories. Even if you don't have any items to merchandise, it's still just a good tool to have during the event. I would suggest a couple folding chairs as well, it's going to be a long day.

Another great selling tool for the event is a mirror, a flattering one at that. You wouldn't believe how many sales you lose when the customer realizes they can't see what it looks like on them. Make sure the mirror is not so cheap that it warps the person's reflection. This can make the person look bigger than what they are and mistake the garment as an ill fitted item.


  • banner w/logo

  • business cards

  • paper

  • pens/sharpie

  • scissors

  • tape


  • square or card reader

  • bluetooth speaker

  • backup energy source

  • phone charger

  • extension cord


  • table

  • chairs

  • mirror


  • cash

  • water/drinks

  • food/snacks


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