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How to Find Vendors For Your Vintage Swap Meet or Pop-Up Shop

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

In this connected world, it may be ironic to find that it can be oddly disconnected. Vintage swap meet experiences and their open spots might be hard to fill as an event coordinator. Use both traditional and modern strategies to fill those spaces so that your next pop-up shop or event is a roaring success.

1. Meetups at Local Events Find vendors for your next event by being a social butterfly. Attend conventions that draw in hundreds of vendors who you can network with during their hours. Consider these nearly famous events, such as: • Kobey's Flea Market • Dated Faded Worn • ThriftCon You might sell your goods at these conventions while making business allies at the same time. Mention your key information, from cellphone number to website. Every artist and small-business owner understands that networking is how the next great event will come to life. They'll want to be part of your pop-up shop with the proper networking techniques. 2. Using the Latest App One of the best ways to find a vintage vendor for your event is by downloading the Vendorzs app. This tool gives you a chance to post your event to the right people. Add every detail of your event onto the app so that there's no question about its purpose, date, times and location. Each vendor can sign up and pay for their spot without wasting any time with phone calls or confusing forms. Vendorzs makes signups easier than ever since vendors of any kind can create their profile once and can purchase spaces faster.

3. Getting Social on Instagram and Facebook Don't overlook the value of social media. Many pop-up shop vendor businesses use these platforms exclusively for networking and event planning. Advertise your event and reach out to your followers. Ask them to share your event information through IG or FB. This virtual word of mouth can make any event a success. Be sure to update your followers as you meet new people too. It's these connections that stretch out to others who might complement your vintage vendor event. 4. Hanging the Traditional Flyers Printing and hanging flyers is still a time-honored tradition that works. Keep any flyer as simple as possible. Choose a large font that's easily seen from a distance. Add in key details, such as time, place and purpose, with a website or social-media account listed for more information. Hang these flyers in strategic areas, such as: • Specialty clothing and shoe stores • College common areas • Local bars and restaurants If your potential clients patronize an area, be sure to place a flyer in that region for the best response.

5. Trying Social-Media Groups Within IG and FB are specialty groups created by passionate individuals. Don't overlook these groups because they can be valuable to your next event. Look up and join these groups whenever possible. Ask questions and answer queries about your business and pop-up shop vendor events. These social-media groups are a mixture of business and pleasure. In fact, there might be dozens of individuals within these groups who fit perfectly into your next event, from musicians to vegan bakers. 6. Reaching Out to Local Groups Aside from virtual groups, there are old-fashioned meetings where people physically gather to discuss and support each other. They're incredibly popular today as virtual fatigue sets in. Reach out to local groups that are complementary to your event's purpose. These groups might include: • Artists' meetups • Thrift Enthusiast Clubs • Antique-collecting groups These individuals are always looking for vintage swap meet opportunities to show off their goods or services. Visit an open meeting to make those connections. In fact, one meeting can give you connections with dozens of prospective vendors.

7. Considering the Vetting Process You might have several pop-up shop vendor businesses considered for your next event. However, you want to refine who signs up for specific spaces. Ask your potential vendors to fill out a form, which might include this information: • Goods or services to be sold • Business purpose • Charitable associations This form helps you select the right vendors for the proper event. In the future, the Vendorzs app might have a form to help you vet the people who're perfect for your vision. 8. Trusting in Word of Mouth The traditional, word-of-mouth strategy is still viable today. As a vintage vendor event coordinator, you might also be a seller too. Socialize with your clients and colleagues. Mention your event that's coming up in the future. Advertise the event with every conversation. This strategy works within this tight community because most participants want to support others with business and advertising exposure. Keep up with your conversations to see those spaces fill up well before the big day. As you learn to find vendors, the process will become easier with time. Use today's tools, including the Vendorzs app, to find and become the best vendor event coordinator in the region. Vintage and pop-up events are only growing in popularity; your business can too.


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