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Vendorzs: The Best Event Planning App to Host Your First Vendor Event

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Planning a successful vendor event is full of challenges even in this technologically connected world. Finding the right vendors, filling the spaces and streamlining payments could take an entire office of dedicated employees. Luckily, there's an event management app called Vendorzs to help you along the way. One download gives you access to multiple tasks and connections that are priceless in the small-business world. Encourage shopping small by creating vendor events with the swipe of a finger.

Event planning app and flea market software

Becoming the Source

Small businesses often use word of mouth and insider connections to find appropriate events in their area. Calls to flea markets, swap meets and art festivals about their future plans is the norm. By using an event planning app, your information becomes the ultimate source. Each one of your events is listed with pertinent information within the app, including:

• Dates

• Addresses

• Event purposes

Vendors can literally plan out their weeks with each event on the Vendorzs app. Tapping on the event and signing up are completed with just a few taps of the screen.

Knowing the Clear Pricing

As an event coordinator, you need to know about pricing. This event management app doesn't require any subscriptions. Set up your financial account with Vendorzs to start out. With each space sold at your event, the app takes a flat $5 and processing fees as payment. There are no other costs on your end. You can concentrate on filling the spaces without any hidden fees.

Mapping Out the Excitement

Place the selling power in your clients' hands. Each event comes with a map where your vendors pick and pay for their spots. They can select spots near the event entrance or a resting area, for example. Clicking on the open spot takes the client to the purchase page where they complete their transaction. Your event spaces can fill up without much effort. The app does the work for you.

Notifying Your Niche Markets

Each event on this flea market software includes a detailed description. Your clients will always know which event is for their talents. Art festivals may be looking for artisans as opposed to small farmers for the next farmer's market, for instance. Candlemakers might fit into both of these niches. It's true that some events are difficult to define, so your planning app helps clients with their calendar priorities. In fact, events that might've been overlooked in the past may now be perfect matches for your clients.

Supporting Small Business

One of the best reasons to download Vendorzs is helping small businesses in your area. You have the space and upcoming event to bring hundreds of dollars into these businesses. In fact, your hard work might keep some of these artists and sellers in business. In the age of online shopping, supporting small businesses with a simple, event planning app is critical to local success.

Your loyal clients might advertise this app to their small-business friends who're outside of your support area. They could download the app, and find success in their own right. Shopping small is a term that needs to be advertised through every avenue today.

Reaching Out to New Vendors

This flea market software is also social-media friendly. As you build your event, add the Vendorzs link to your accounts, such as:

• Facebook

• Instagram

• Your Website

These links might be shared by your followers, which leads you to new vendors. There are plenty of small businesses in the nation. They may be so small that they're only known by immediate neighbors. Let their hard work flourish by joining your current list of vendors and future events.

Protecting Your Colleagues

Vendorzs is also an app that wants to protect you and those small-business clients. From now on, clients work within the app to connect with your events. No longer must they set up strange accounts with other services that might be vulnerable to hacks. Everyone's financial information remains safe within this event management app. Your clients will appreciate the professionalism as everyone shops small. The app is always being updated to keep up with the latest security features.

Marketing With a Fun Twist

With the Vendorzs app on everyone's cell phones, you can take advantage of unique features that include livestreams to social-media accounts. During the event, walk around to the various vendors and advertise their goods or services. This activity is a great way to connect with your clients while having a great time too. Your excitement is contagious, which might draw more clients into your vendor world.

Download Vendorzs today to manage your next vendor event. The software works on most cell phones, which allows you to plan on the go. Turn yourself into a powerhouse manager who assists the small businesses in your area. Shopping small has never been as organized or connected in the age of Vendorzs.


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