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5 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Small-Business Owner

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Running any type of small business takes dedication, time and money. The ebb and flow of the business world means that funds can fluctuate with incredible speed each quarter. Supplementing your business with extra money on the side is a clever way to stay in the black. Explore these top 5 ways to make extra money as a small-business owner.

Becoming a pop-up vendor

1. Become a Pop-Up Sensation

Pop-up events are all the rage right now. Take your small business to the next level by signing up for an event through the Vendorzs app. Pick an appropriate event, find the vendors wanted area and become a vendor. Pay for the space in the app, and you're ready to go. The small fee is worth the exposure you'll experience at a popular pop-up event in your neighborhood.

2. Set Up Your Own Event

Use the Vendorzs app to set up your own event, including pop-ups. Advertise the event and available spaces. You make extra money by filling the spaces and taking a cut of the fees. Use the app to map out the event while vendors easily pick and secure their spaces. Focus on your small business otherwise while the app sets up the event with almost no effort on your part.

3. Go Viral

Make extra money by going viral online. Shoot a video and post it on your social-media accounts. As people watch the video, a small fee through advertising is possible, depending on your settings. You might find vendors who try this video idea at each event too. Walk through the event, find excited people to interview and make every minute as interesting as possible. Try these fun ideas, such as:

Holding a contest to compare event foods

• Playing a game with the winner taking home a complimentary item from your business

• Interviewing other vendors as an industry courtesy

With the extra money through online advertising and viral videos, you'll also market your pop-up vendor business at the same time.

4. Consider Complementary Services

Although upselling might be the trend for most industries, small businesses are more focused on community awareness rather than pure profits. Become a vendor who works with complementary services. For instance, sell produce with a nod to vegan clothing. You might have a few shirts or hoodies available at your produce stand as a way to draw in customers and sell a complementary good. Choose items that make sense for your industry because they'll surprise your customers. You might even advertise these unique mixtures as you sign up on the Vendorzs app.

5. Team Up With Colleagues

When you find vendors through Vendorzs, you realize that there are many companies that are in your niche industry. Make extra money by teaming up with newfound colleagues. Rent a space as a pop-up vendor duo, for example. Sell your vegan desserts with vegan-friendly candles, and you'll find a new audience for your goods.

Consumers may not have turned their heads when they saw these items separately, but together, they make harmonious sense. This teamwork can give both owners extra money without too much effort. Consider matching these items together, such as:

• Designer clothes and antique furniture

• Hair accessories and socks

• Baked goods and housewares

Try this team strategy on oddball weekends at local markets. When you limit your supply to special days, items will sell faster than ever before.

Try Vendorzs today for all of your selling and vendors wanted needs. It offers a safe space for transactions and business connections. Make some money and network with others at the same time. You'll see a difference in your bottom line in little time.


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