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Frequently Asked Event Creator Questions

How do I use Vendorzs as an Event Creator?


To become an event creator on Vendorzs you simply follow the same steps as a vendor by setting up a profile for your business. Once you are satisfied with your profile, navigate to the My Account tab and select Become an Event Creator. This will prompt Vendorzs to review your account and grant you access to features that allow you to create an event. 


Once you are approved, you will want to link your Stripe account so you can receive payments for the spaces you sell!

How do I connect my Stripe account?

To link your payment account you must sign in to your Stripe account by selecting Dashboard, then Manage Your Payment Account from the My Account tab. 


  • Tip: If you don't already have a Stripe account the FASTEST way to do that is to create your Stripe account first by going to 

  • Once you've created your Stripe account, all you have to do is select Sign-in. 

  • Or you can create a new account by filling out the information within the connect stripe app window, then sign in.

Connectig Stipe
Connect payments to Stripe.PNG
Connect to Stripe.PNG
  • Once you have signed in to your Stripe account you will receive this message below. Select Done and you are now ready to receive payments to Stripe and start creating events!

  • Tip: To see your payments make sure you log into your Stripe Dashboard or download the Stripe Dashboard App.


Although the process for setting up a new Stripe account is lengthy this is how we ensure our users you are a legitimate and trustworthy event creator. You may also go directly to to set up a new account and sign in using Stripe from Vendorzs which may be a bit faster. If you already have a Stripe account sign in and you will receive a confirmation message letting you know your payment account is now connected. 


After your payment account is connected you can now start receiving payment from vendors who purchase space at your event. You can review your sales by logging into your Stripe Dashboard and you will receive email confirmations for each space purchased. As an event creator, you can also see who joined your event by selecting Event Details and scrolling down to see Vendorzs Joined.

I’ve been approved as an Event Creator, how do I set up my first event? 

You can create events by selecting + Create Event from the My Events icon in the menu bar. 

  • This is where you will add your event title, date/time, address, and event flyer. 

  • Choose whether you want this to be an "Open" or "Vetted" event. (Open is where anyone can purchase a space, Vetted means the vendor has to apply to attend the event.) Choosing the Vetted option will add an additional tab labeled "View My Applicants" allowing you to accept or deny vendors which we will cover later.

  • Tip: Rather than just putting the city for your event location, put in the full address of the event. This allows vendors to click, open in Google Maps, and get the exact location.

Setting Up Event

After entering the general event information, the next two information fields are MANDATORY to move forward.​​


  • ​​​Event Description - This is the area that lets your vendors know what kind of event is being held. You can specify how many of a certain themed vendor can join, or inform them on different tiered spaces you will be selling. 

  • Refund Policy - No matter what your refund policy is, you must have a clear and transparent message to your vendors. They need to be notified that all transactions are between the event creator and vendor, the app Vendorzs does not get involved with refunds or credits. 

The Vendor Agreement field is Optional.


  • Vendor Agreement - All vendors need to know what is expected of them when showing up for the event. It could be a mandatory time slot for setting up, or it's required that all vendors sell during the end of the show. 

Vendor Agreement.PNG
Invite Code.PNG

Is this event invite-only? option requires vendors to enter a referral code into their profile before they can purchase a space for your event. When this option is activated, Vendorzs app will generate a code assigned to that specific event that can only be seen by vendors that have entered that code. 

Don't forget to hit the SAVE button! Fortunately, Vendorzs will ask you "Do you want to discard changes?" or "Continue Editing" if you try to navigate away from the page without saving. 

Cratig Event Space

You've got all your event details entered, now let's start creating spaces so you can make some money! 

You can create event spaces by selecting + Edit Event Spaces in your event you have created. 

  • Vendors Accepted is an open area under the Edit Event Spaces area where you can remind users what kinds of vendors you want. 

  • Select Add Space to start adding each space you want to offer. 

  • Enter your space information in Space Name, Number of Spaces, Space Price, and Space Description. 

  • The Estimated NET tool will do the math for you so you know exactly how much to charge for your space. It will tell you how much you will receive total after our $5 vendor space fee and the Stripe processing fee which is the same as PayPal 2.9% plus 0.30 per transaction.

Vendors Accepted.PNG
Edit Event Spaces.PNG

When entering the number of spaces for the event, the description will be duplicated in the amount you selected. Tapping the Edit icon on each space will allow you to go back and edit each description as desired.


  • Tip: If you ever have an event that includes spaces with different prices, you can always organize your listings that work best for your vendors. Hold down the staggered grayed-out kabob just right of the Edit tab and you can sort in any order you like. This tool is great if you want to sell certain spots or sponsor packages that can be seen first on the list.

Vendors Accepted Description.PNG
Event Spaces.PNG
Vetting Feature

Using the Vetting Feature. 

To vet your event, go to the event page you created and simply click the "Vetted" button.

This feature requires vendors to fill out a "Vendor Questionnaire" form that has to be submitted and approved by you before a spot can be purchased. 

  • Vendor applications will show up in your notification center in the app, via email, and push notification.

  • If you choose not to accept a vendor for any reason, you can choose from one of the three reasons. The vendor will receive an email and notification of the reason. When they return to your event, it will display "Not Accepted" and they cannot purchase any spaces. 

  • An approval notifies the vendor and shows "Approved" when they go back to your event to purchase a space.

  • Tip: Under the More Options tab, you have the option to "Ask an Additional Question"

Do you have a special permit?

Vendor Questionare.PNG

How does the "Is This Event Invite Only" feature work? 

When you check the box "Is This Invite Only", Vendorzs app will automatically generate a 6 digit code that is specific for that event. 

  • Your event will stay hidden at this point and can only be seen by vendors with this code.

  • Vendors must enter the referral code in their profile and SAVE to see your event listed in the "Discover" tab.

  • Tip: Tell your vendors not to give out the code because it is specifically for them to join that event.

Invite Only
Invite Code.PNG
6 Digit Code.PNG

I'm Having Trouble Setting Up My Stripe Account?


Stripe is a technical-based payment system, so setting up your account can be a little difficult in the beginning but is the best online platform for your business. We've provided a tutorial video to help you along the way. 

Trouble Setting Up Stripe
  • Tip: If you find yourself on the Customer Statement Information page, you will input your Statement descriptor as well as the Shortened descriptor. The Statement descriptor has a limited amount of space for your business name, so you may want to shorten it to a marketable acronym or whatever best suits your brand. In the example below, Stripe uses a default numeric value ($340) as an example of how a transaction is labeled with your business name. Do not worry, you are not getting charged $340, again this is just a visual aid from Stripe​​

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 2.13.43 PM.png
  • Tip: Stripe will ask "Where should we send your payouts?" and in some cases displays Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo logos. This does not mean you have to have an account with that bank, Stripe will allow other bank accounts to be linked as long as you have the correct routing and account number. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 2.52.47 PM.png

How Long Does it Take for Stripe to Verify my Account?

The verification process in stripe usually just takes a few minutes. It is possible that you are not verified the first time, but this is usually because of a missing field. Stripe will notify you if they require more information. This could be anything from a business description to uploading your photo ID.

  • Tip: Fill out as much information as you can before submission! If you don't have an EIN number for your business, your Social Security number will take its place. 

Stripe Verification Length

As an event creator, why should I use Vendorzs and what do you charge for your service?

Vendorzs gives you the ability to set it and forget it. Set up your event once and save time. Vendorzs puts your event in front of vendors you want to make your event a success. Now all you have to do is let them know via social media to download Vendorzs and join your event. No more coordinating constantly via DMs and emails about pricing, packages, and venue maps. Take the fear out of your vendor's hearts that you could be a scammer by asking them to send you funds via PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App. You also don't have to put in the time and money to build your own solution for taking payments. You now have direct access to actual vendors of all types in one place rather than hoping your "vendors wanted" posts are seen. Vendorzs was created for vendors by vendors who have experienced what it is like to try to find events to sell at and know-how event creators struggle with coordinating their events. 

Vendorzs charges a fee of $5.00 per space sold plus the Stripe processing fees (2.9% + .30 per transaction.)


Vendorzs allows you to see exactly how much you will receive by showing you the Estimated NET amount when setting your price per space. This indicator allows you to set your price to what you want to receive after fees. Most services like PayPal would normally leave you guessing how much you will end up with after fees. 


For example, if you want to receive $50.00 per space, set your space amount at $57, your estimated NET would be $50.65 per space. 

Why Use Vendorzs?
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