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Frequently Asked Questions - Vendorzs 2.0

Frequently Asked Vendor Questions:

How do I use Vendorzs as a Vendor?

Simply go to the App Store or Google Play Store to download. Once downloaded sign-up or sign in using your Apple ID, Google, or email address.

Next, create a user profile by filling out your information for your business. Add your business description, profile image, and banner, then select Show as Vendor if you would like your business to be visible to Event Creators and other vendors. You may also add images of your business, services, and goods.

Once satisfied with your profile, select the Discover icon to see events near you to join. Review the Event Details and when you're ready go to the Join Event tab to review the Venue Map, Vendors Accepted, and prices for each space. Select the space you wish to purchase and pay the Event Creator directly using a valid credit or debit card. 

As a vendor, you will receive an email receipt from the event. Any events you join will now show under your Events Joined tab in the app. Your profile will also show up on the Event's Detail screen under Vendorzs Joined!

Setting Up Your Profile

  • You are required to fill out ​all fields on both pages of your profile (if the referral code applies).

  • A valid business email is required or you won't be able to purchase space for an event. 

  • Public Business Profile (Business Name, Business Description, City, State, Website) can be seen by Event Creators and vendors.

  • Private Business Information (Business Email, Phone Number, Name, Personal Email, How Did You Hear About Us) can only be seen by you.

Setting Up Profile

Vendor Questionnaire Form

  • Before you can purchase a space at a vetted event, you are required to fill out and submit a Vendor Questionnaire form.

  • This form will be approved or denied by the event creator.

  • You will be notified in the app, email, and mobile push. 

  • Once notified, the event will either say "Accepted" or "Denied". If "Accepted", you are now able to purchase your space for the event.

Vendor Questionnaire

I received a private referral code from an Event Creator, where do I enter to join the event?


  • Follow the illustration's below to find out how you input your private code.

Referral Code
Now What_.jpg
Update App.jpg
Business Email.jpg
Referral Code.jpg
Referral Code.jpg
Simple Minimalist Online Shop Promotion
Simple Minimalist Online Shop Promotion
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