Frequently Asked Questions - Vendorzs Beta

How do I use Vendorzs as a Vendor?

Simply go to the App Store or Google Play Store to download. Once downloaded sign-up or sign in using your Apple ID, Google, or email address.

Next, create a user profile by filling out your information for your business. Add your business description, profile image, and banner and select Show as Vendor if you would like your business to be visible to event creators and other vendors. You may also add images of your business, services, and goods.

Once satisfied with your profile select the Discover icon to see events near you to join. Review the Event Details and when you're ready go to the Join Event tab to review the Venue Map, Vendors Accepted, and prices for each spot. Select the spot you wish to purchase and pay the event directly using a valid credit or debit card. 

As a vendor, you will receive an email receipt from the event. Any events you join will now show under your Events Joined tab in the app. Your profile will also show up on the Event's Detail screen under Vendorzs Joined!

How do I use Vendorzs as an Event Creator?


To become an event creator on Vendorzs Beta you simply follow the same steps as a vendor by setting up a profile for your business. Once you are satisfied with your profile, navigate to the My Account tab and select Become an Event Creator button and send an email to which will prompt Vendorzs to review your account and grant you access to features that allow you to create an event. 


Once you are approved (within 24 hours), navigate to My Account and select Become an Event Creator, and select Manage My Payment Account. This will prompt you to sign-in to your Stripe account or if you do not have one create a new account. 


Although the process for setting up a new Stripe account is lengthy this is how we ensure our users you are a legitimate and trustworthy event creator. You may also go directly to to set up a new account and sign-in using Stripe from Vendorzs which may be a bit faster. If you already have a Stripe account sign-in and you will receive a confirmation message letting you know your payment account is now connected. 


After your payment account is connected you can now start receiving payment from vendors who purchase space at your event. You can review your sales by logging into your Stripe Dashboard and you will receive email confirmations for each space purchased. As an event creator, you can also see who joined your event by selecting Event Details and scrolling down to see Vendorzs Joined.


As an event creator, why should I use Vendorzs and what do you charge for your service?

Vendorzs gives you the ability to set it and forget it. Set-up your event once and save time. Vendorzs puts your event in front of vendors you want to make your event a success. Now all you have to do is let them know via social media to download Vendorzs and join your event. No more coordinating constantly via DMs and emails about pricing, packages, and venue maps. Take the fear out of your vendors hearts that you could be a scammer by asking them to send you funds via PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App. You also don't have to put in the time and money to build your own solution for taking payments. You now have direct access to actual vendors of all types in one place rather than hoping your "vendors wanted" posts are seen. Vendorzs was created for vendors by vendors who have experienced what it is like to try to find events to sell at and know-how event creators struggle with coordinating their events. 

Vendorzs charges a fee of $5.00 per space sold plus the Stripe processing fees (2.9% + .30 per transaction.)


Vendorzs allows you to see exactly how much you will receive by showing you the Estimated NET amount when setting your price per space. This indicator allows you to set your price to what you want to receive after fees. Most services like PayPal would normally leave you guessing how much you will end up with after fees. 


For example if you want to receive $50.00 per space, set your space amount at $57, your estimated NET would be $50.65 per space.