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Vendorzs is the only app to offer an easy and hassle-free way for event creators to create and manage events and for vendors to join and pay for their spot.

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Key Features for Event Creators
Become an event creator & connect your payment account

Create your profile and request to be an event creator, once you’re approved just connect your Stripe payment account and you’re ready to start creating events for vendors to join.

Add a venue map, space details, pricing & let vendors pick/pay for their spot

Upload a venue map and name your spaces. Remind users what type of vendors you accept. Then simply add each space available with pricing.

Create your event & add details including vendor instructions

Add your event flyer, event name, date, and address. Tell potential vendors anything they need to know, even update them about the day of event instructions. 

Once you’re happy with your event, get discovered by existing vendors or tell your audience to download Vendorzs to join

Share on social media that your event is on Vendorzs and add Vendorzs links to your website, Facebook, or Instagram!

Easy Pricing for Event Creators

Vendorzs is for small businesses that’s why we’re the most affordable mobile app for managing events & getting paid fast!

Vendorzs only costs $5 per space sold plus the usual payment processing fees of 2.9% + .30 per transaction. No subscription necessary.

Our Estimated NET feature lets you see how much you will receive after fees, so you know EXACTLY how much to charge per space.
Key Features for Vendors
Create & customize your
Vendorzs Profile

Vendorzs is FREE to use for vendors!
Sign-up and create your business profile once for all events. Describe your business, add your logo, add your product or service images, and contact info.

Pay for your spot quickly & securely

Get the spot you want and buy it fast. No more sending funds to randos on Paypal! Plus, see other vendors who joined the event too.

Discover events to join & keep track of past events

What if all the events you wanted to join were in one place? Forget the FOMO.
No more back and forth with event creators on social media about event details.

Tell your favorite event to use Vendorzs because whatever they are doing now is weak

We know now more than ever you can’t afford to miss an opportunity. We are continuously improving and will soon add even more great features for vendors, event creators, and customers!

Vendorzs is Flexible
Vendorzs knows it's time to get creative as a small business! That's why we make it easy to use Vendorzs for additional services or add-ons to your event.
Event creators that used Vendorzs saved up
to 20 hours a week and sold all their spots
50% faster than before!
Stop wasting your time & money manually managing
your events. 
​Just some examples of how our customers are using Vendorzs:
  • Virtual time slots for Facebook or Instagram Live sales

  • Sports teams sign up and pay to participate in events

  • Label spaces as "reserved" for select vendors to purchase

What our customers are saying:

Barry McCary Jr., Dated Faded Worn LLC.

The Vendorzs app is the reason I completely sold out of my event within 17 hours! I have received so much feedback from vendors saying “I love the way the app works and how easy it was to use”. Also heard comments like “I love the fact that there is no feeling of favoritism.” With such an easy process and my vendors liking the app, I will continue using Vendorzs App in the future for all of our events as the app grows and gets even better.

Victoria Crespi, Flatbread Co. Dallas

Vendorzs easily brought our vision to life. We were considering hosting an event and didn't know where to start when Michelle (Vendorzs Founder) saved the day. Using the Vendorzs app was so incredibly easy - she helped us through any questions as well as connected us with great local vendors who truly made our day a success! We cannot wait to have another event!!


About Vendorzs

Vendorzs is the only app to offer an easy and hassle-free way for event creators to create and manage events and for vendors to join and pay for their space. Big event? No problem. Lots of events? Easy peasy. Small event or vendor? Even better. Whether you’re a vintage clothing vendor or vegan foodie, Vendorzs supports small businesses so they never miss out on an opportunity to do what they love!


Vendors: Simply find events that you want to join and pay for your event space quickly and securely. Each event will list the kinds of vendors accepted and the price for each space along with a venue map. No more sending funds to randos through Instagram or PayPal. And--our event creators must be legitimate business owners. So you can feel secure parting with your time and money.


Event Creators: Create your event once with the touch of a few buttons and forget it. No more coordinating with each vendor on spaces and pricing. But wait! How do you get vendors to come to you? That’s simple also. After you create your event, just tell your vendors or post on social media that your event is on Vendorzs so they can create an account and pay for a space. And for your payment peace of mind, Vendorzs integrates with Stripe so you can get your funds fast.

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